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Machinery Wanted for Stock

We are always looking for machinery for stock. In particular we are looking for the following items:

  • Polar Guillotines 55, 58, 66, 72, 76, 78, 90, 92, & 115's
  • Stahl Folders K66/4KTL, Stahl KC66/4KTL, Stahl T36
  • Sulby Autominabindas MKII & MKIII
  • Heidelberg Kord 64's Black or Grey Models
  • Heidelberg MOE's, MOZP's, MOVP's or MOFP's
  • Heidelberg GTO52 or 46 models
  • Any Letterpress Proof Presses
  • All Letterpress machinery and associated equipment and consumables
  • Benchtop Rollem machines any size or age

If you have any of the above, or any other equipment which you feel may be of interest please contact us on linecasting@btconnect.com


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